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"I am not concerned about the future of market research"

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Interview mit Esomar-Präsident Dr. Dieter Korczak

Die Zeiten sind für die Marktforschung spannend und herausfordernd zugleich: Neue Technologien, neue Forschungsmöglichkeiten und auch neue Wettbewerber verändern die Branche. Esomar-Präsident Dr. Dieter Korczak, spricht im p&a Interview über seine Sicht auf die Veränderungen für die Branche, Neuerungen beim Welt-Marktforschungsverband Esomar und die Zukunft der Marktforschung.

Dr. Korczak, you are more than half way into your Esomar presidential term: What is your job and function in this role, generally speaking?
All strategic decisions are part of the role as Esomar president. Together with council members and the management team in Amsterdam, it is the president’s function to develop strategies for the future of the association. The complete operational business such as member support, organization of events and the annual congress as well as publications are handled by the office in Amsterdam. Although the role of President is an honorific one, it is rather time consuming. The net time I spent in this role was two and a half months in the past year. And this is in addition to my regular occupation as manager of my own research agency in Munich.

What changes did you initiate as president within Esomar: What is new and what further changes can we expect in the future?
In the past year I initiated a major change for the association, a modernization of the Esomar architecture. 65 years after foundation, the fundamental regulations have been updated with overwhelming membership approval. This change was important because now other national associations as well as research agencies can become members of Esomar. Thus, Esomar is becoming the comprehensive umbrella association representing all players in international market and social research as well as opinion polling.
An additional membership vote is planned this year regarding disciplinary sanctions. Because membership for agencies and companies is now possible, the sanctioning processes for violations of the ICC/Esomar-Codex by dishonorable behavior have to be adapted to accommodate this. With this comes a modification of the usage of the Esomar logo: There will be a distinction between the logo for personal membership and corporate members. As a consequence, no agency can display the Esomar logo on its letter head, website or directories when only one employee is a member and not the agency as an institution. This new regulation avoids ambiguity, promotes transparency and improves the management of responsibilities.

The times for traditional market research are challenging: New technologies bring about new competitors providing alternative services. Clients seeking new ways to gather insights while spending less are keen on giving them a chance, thus making parts of market research redundant. What is your take on these developments? How can and should the market research industry react?
I am not frightened of change and transition, to the contrary, they are part of life and change is a quasi-constant. Every person and every society and thus every association have to react to developments appropriately in order to benefit rather than perish. Of course it is reasonable that research buyers expect new insights from new techniques and suppliers – and if possible for lower cost.

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