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Heft MR/2000

Child and adolescent purchase decisions

Julia Fauth

This article is based on the findings of a study carried out by the Chair for Economic Sociology at the University of Bonn as part of a promotional project. 3307 children and adolescents were surveyed in all 15 countries of the EU on their environmental and consumer behaviour. Excerpts illustrate interesting findings relating to the areas of purchase decision behaviour of young consumers. Priority is given to questions on behaviour towards information sources, the influence of previous discussions on purchases as well as who is chosen as a shopping companion and typical selection criteria for consumer products. The international scope of the study makes it possible to identify significant relationships by culture, as well as by age and gender. For example a gender stereotype for boys is that they are much less likely to ask somebody for advice before making a purchase, do not want company when shopping and are least likely to gather information beforehand. By contrast, an important cross cultural difference is that families in Southern countries wield much more influence on the purchase decision process than in the North, where the peer group is mort important.

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