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p&a international market research 1/2011 - Excerpt Content

Russia and Eastern Europe: State(s) of Research

Market Plaza

The Competition is Getting Hot!
Interview with Alexander Shashkin

The Economic Reality Companies Face Today
Interview with Marcus Körner

Stick to a Set of Cultural Rules
– Interview with Godehard Wakenhut

Series: 10 Practice Tips: B2B Surveys
by Uwe Matzner

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Report: Personal Data: A Global Survey of Consumer Attitudes
by Jutta Wiedenfeld


Topic: Russia and Eastern Europe: State(s) of Research


Overview of the State of Marketing Research Industry in the Russian Federation
by Tatiana Barakshina and Anna Shulgina

Business-to-Business Market Research in Russia
by Matthew Harrison and Tatiana Klimenko

Yes, we can … consume!
by Uwe Lebok and Polina Ginzburg

Into the Brand Cosmos with Yuri Gagarin
by Luise Althanns

From Counting to Connecting
by Richard Gehling, Iza Rudak, Natalya Mogutnova, Márta Hoffman

East of Eden
by Grazyna Jakubowska

Market Research in the Czech Republic
by Tatiana Wartuschová


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