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p&a international market research 1/2012 - Excerpt Content

Communicate Around the World

Market Plaza

I Am not Concerned About the Future of Market Research
: Interview with Dr. Dieter Korczak

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Topic: Communicate Around the World


Successfully Cultivating Markets in Difficult Times –  Six Key Questions that Should Always Be Asked
: Matthias Staritz, Björn Baumgärtner and Michael Scholl

Global Branding in a Digital World – How to Organize International Advertising Campaigns?
: Thomas Dmoch

The Implicit Effect of Brand Communication – Measuring What Remains Concealed
: Olde Lorenzen-Schmidt

Effective Communication Around the World – Learning from Best Practice Examples
: Ralf Mayer de Groot

Does Cutting Translation Equal Cutting Quality? – Effects When Surveys Are Not Taken in the Native Language
: Christian Michael and Kristin Cavallaro

Global Mystery Research – Merging International Communication Channels
: Matthias Wrobel

Special: International Pharmaceutical Research 

World Medicine

Future Communication Paths to Healthcare Stakeholders
: Hubertus Meixner and Marian Mihelic

The Future of Co-operation
: Frank Weißenfeldt

One Size Doesn’t Fit All
: Sarah Philips

Get Healthy with Apps
: Julia Eymann

Market Research Providers: International Pharmaceutical Research



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