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p&a international market research 2/2012 - Excerpt Content

Female Purchasing Power – Women As a Target Group

Market Plaza

Spotlight: Consumers, Communities and Crowdsourcing
: Stephan Soine
3D Digital Dimensions: Online, Social and Mobile Research
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Topic: Female Purchasing Power – Women As a Target Group
Needs of Women As Healthcare Decision-Makers – Ways to Communicate and Engage Women with Medical Brands
: Jonathan Kay and Ryan Hopper
Think Pink: Women and the Web – Understanding the Digital Lives of Women Around the World
: Amy Janis, Dan Brilot, Brian Cooper, Sarah Elliott, David Iudica and Tony Marlow
Home & Household Reconnected – A Holistiv View on Female Purchase Decisions
: Christof Pins and Judit Drimal
Today’s Handicraft Trend – How Handicrafts Such as Knitting and Gardening Relax the Mind
: Ines Imdahl


p&a Special: Global Fieldwork

Global Fieldwork: Foundation of International Research
Pitfalls when Conducting International Fieldwork
: Beate Pohl
Global Fieldwork: Outsourced
: Jasal Shah and Drikpriya Ghosh
Global Fieldwork Requires Efficient Organization
: Elfriede Meyer-Roennau
Market Research in India – Fieldwork in an Enormously Big and Heterogenic Country
: Aakash Bhasin and Jan Schöttelndreier
Fragmentation in Data Collection: A Curse or Blessing?
: Stefan Ströhle
Fieldwork Beyond Western Industrial Nations
: Florian Alber
Do You Know Where Your Data Came From? Successful Offshore Data Collection Management
: Karl G. Feld
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Customized Choice Models - An Approach for the Healthcare Market
: Katrin Dippold and Andrew Douglas



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