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p&a international market research 1/2013

Entering New Markets – Analysis and Recommendations

Bartosz Kondaszewski and Marcin Rzepka (PMR)

Combining market research and advisory perspectives on a daily basis, we wanted to shed light on selected aspects of a new market entry study that we find relevant and insightful based on our experience. We present the market study as a systematic process containing a range of angles and stakeholders, starting from a high-level macro perspective and streaming all the way through the value chain down to the final consumer. The emphasis we are trying to make refers to market research as part of a comprehensive analysis that, only when exhaustively executed, enables a thorough market understanding and the extraction of actionable business recommendations.

The Authors

Bartosz Kondaszewski is a business consultant, experienced in new market entry and acquisition growth advisory; he heads PMR’s Consulting Division. His functional expertise focuses on both buyer- and seller-side transactional advisory, valuation and business modelling projects, as well as commercial due diligence for investment decision purposes. Prior to joining PMR, he worked for Poland Corporate Finance and Citi Group in its Risk Assessment Department.

Marcin Rzepka is a market researcher with experience in both market research agencies and the client side; he heads PMR’s Research Division. His industrial expertise focuses on the financial sector, FMCG, telecommunications, IT and construction. He specialises in customer satisfaction and segmentation research, as well as product optimisation issues. Prior to joining PMR, he worked as a Senior Researcher at TNS Pentor and at PKO Bank Polski.

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