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p&a international market research 1/2013 - Content Excerpt

Market Analysis & Special: Consumer Goods

Market Plaza

Esomar: Bringing Global Research to a Local Setting

Representing a Researcher Mindset

The Profession Needs Dedication to Quality Standards
: Interview with Joachim Rittchen

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Topic: Market Analysis

Introduction: Market Analysis – Launch and Forecasting

Entering New Markets – Analysis and Recommendations
: Bartosz Kondaszewski and Marcin Rzepka

Humans Are Unreliable Witnesses to Their Own Behaviour
: Interview with Jonathan Gable

Understanding Market Potential – Addressing the Drivers of Innovation Performance
: Nikolai Reynolds and Frank Schüler

Using New Product Chances to Full Advantage – More Success with Market Simulation
: Ralf Mayer de Groot

Insights Into Today’s Cooking – Best Served Hot Directly from the Cooktop
: Interview with Sebstian Klein and Benjamin Dennig


Special: Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods – Fast Research for FMCG

Mobile Market Research for Consumer Goods: Saving Time and Improving Quality
: Matthias Helferich and Reiner Graul

Towards Successful Innovation – With a Little Help from Consumers
: Katrin Bock and Andera Gadeib

Market Research Providers: Consumer Goods



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