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Market Research 2007

Generation of the 2000s in the Light of Blog-Sphere

Sergey Cheikhetov and Konstantin Efimov and Ivan Bezdenezhnykh

A new young people generation has been formed during the recent ten years in the Russian society. Their values and lifestyle strikingly differ from the values of previous young generations. A successful "Yappi" was the idol of the young people in the 90-ties, - a place-hunter and venerator of high-status consumption, capable of forming strict goals and reaching them with all one‘s utmost. The youth of the new millennium seems to become tired of place-hunting and impetuous consumption. The image of a free artist has become trendy, a free person floating quietly in the life flow without spending time and efforts for building a career and purchasing the high-status goods. Today these values are specific to a rather limited number of the most advanced young people or trendsetters. However, there is a good reason to believe that the trendsetters‘ lifestyles and values would become actual for the whole young generation. These changes and transformations have strongly influenced the young people consumption behaviour. The modern young people (apart from their predecessors) do not feel like purchasing prestigious goods; they spend seriously less time for the process of shopping and using various services. Moreover, they do not believe in advertising and try to do all they can to distance themselves from the consumption society. The downshifting tendency is not a unique Russian phenomenon; it has appeared in many other countries, too.

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