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p&a international market research 2/2013

Minding the Product Transition Gap – How Digital Qual Helped P&G Solve a Diaper Dilemma

Andrew Sauer (The Procter & Gamble Co.) and Steve August (Revelation)

Every time a consumer makes a product transition, there is an opportunity to either lose or win that consumer. It is crucial to understand the drivers behind consumer product transitions, as these decisions can cumulatively represent millions of dollars in sales. Recently, P&G’s Babycare division faced a product transition dilemma. Sales data showed they were losing volume and market size when moms switched diaper sizes. Sales data couldn’t provide the reasons for these customer losses during transition. Ultimately, the answers lay in the ground truth of the consumer transition experience. This presentation shows how digital qualitative research enabled P&G to have in the moment access to their consumers and solve a million dollar product transition challenge.

The Authors
Andrew Sauer is Senior Researcher Baby Care Technology at The Procter & Gamble Company, USA. He has eight years of experience translating consumer perception into product requirements at Procter & Gamble. An avid early adopter of new research techniques, he has developed solutions in diverse problem areas including visual saliency, biometric and emotional measures of enjoyment, and product ergonomics. He has an MS in biochemistry, a passion for photography, and more than 10 patents pending.
Steve August is Founder & CEO of Revelation, USA. He is fascinated with design, technology and smart methodology – and how they can be fused to get to the heart of everyday moments that reveal people’s emotions and behaviors. He has taught workshops for Esomar, and presented to the MRA, AMA, QRCA, and MMRW, as well as published articles in Research World, Quirk’s and QRCA Views.

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