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p&a international market research 1/2013

Understanding Market Potential – Addressing the Drivers of Innovation Performance

Nikolai Reynolds and Frank Schüler (Ipsos)

The aim of this article is to provide a perspective on the influence of market structure on the long-term success of innovations. To understand on how we can exploit the market structure for the success of the innovation, we examine how the basic market features reflect a market’s competitiveness and have an impact on a new product’s ability to generate trial and repeat. We employ a long identified phenomenon which has been leveraged in Ipsos’ market structures database to provide a modelled indicator “Predicted Average Result” (PAR) for a new market entry. PAR can aid to set a minimum benchmark of what a new brand or product launch normally would achieve in a given category and market. By taking into account both market size and PAR data, we can identify what are the overall top category/country cells in terms of expected average new brand/product potential.

The Authors

Dr. Nikolai Reynolds is Head of Ipsos InnoQuest Germany, providing innovation research globally supporting clients in maximizing ROI of their innovation strategies. As a former member of Synovate he and his team assist clients from finding the right product idea until determining the optimized marketing mix. Furhtermore, he is lecturing at the University of Bonn in Market Research.

Frank Schüler is Manager at Ipsos InnoQuest Germany. After having worked in innovation, brand and communication research in different positions he has been leading the forecasting at Ipsos for several years. He has been consulting clients in different stages of their innovation process – from first ideas to final mixes for launch – with early potential estimations to simulated test markets.

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