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p&a international market research 2/2011 - Excerpt Content

Emerging Markets Research – Are We There Yet?

Market Plaza

In India, a Religious Sentiment Holds Higher Value than Anything Else
- Interview with Jasal Shah

We Have to Take the Advice We Give to Others
- Interview with Ged Parton

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Market Research Providers: Emerging Markets


Topic: Emerging Markets Research – Are We There Yet?

Taking a Stake in the BRIC’s Success
by Dorothea Slevogt

Gender Roles and Purchase Decisions in Russia
by Sigrid Schmid and Godehard Wakenhut

Online Research in Asia Pacific
by Jason Buchanan and Christian Michael

Lateness Happened to Me!
by Ayobamidele Gnädig and Natascha Haehling von Lanzenauer

Boutique Mothers in China
by Jerry Clode

Decision-Making Process of Chinese Car Buyers
by Kilian Frühauf and Niklas Haupt

Giving Customers What They Really Need
by Kishor Sridhar


The Inside Journey
by Anne Schweickhardt



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