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p&a international market research 2/2013 - Content Excerpt

Customer Journey & Special: B2B Research

Market Plaza

Thinking Big for Market Research

Congress Highlights

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Topic: Customer Journey

Customer Journey: Last Stop Purchase Decision – Understanding Consumers Path of Decistion-Making
: Rusanna Gaber, Kurt Imminger and Tomas Jerković

Reaching Customers Where It Really Matters – The Customer Journey Applied Across Industries
: Axel Puhlmann

Minding the Product Transition Gap – How Digital Qual Helped P&G Solve a Diaper Dilemma
: Andrew Sauer and Steve August

The Process of Co-Creation – Involving Consumers on an Equal Footing
: Sally O’Rourke

C-Suite Customer Journey – How to Involve Top Management in Market Research
: Nicole Lehnert and Anita Petersen


Special: B2B Research

B2B Research – Understanding Professionals

The Challenge of Online B2B
: Pete Cape

B2B Survey – What Should You Consider
: Janina Christine Schulte

Pricing Strategies for Non-Separable Markets
: Dirk Aderhold and Michael Koch

B-to-B-Research: New Challenges and How to Deal with Them
: Dietmar Puppendahl

The Shift from “Price to Advice“
: Marco Nink

Ensuring Your B2B Market Research Project Delivers Return on Investment
: Matthew Harrison

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